Main Function Page->Account. The account feature manages actual accounts, where any tangible or intangible assets or liabilities can be considered an account. Examples include bank accounts, brokerage securities trading accounts, cash on hand, insurance policies, mortgages, real estate, cars, and credit loans.

Account Screenshot

Net Asset Balance Chart (1), displays the net asset balance in the default currency amount. You can click on (2) to set the date range for the displayed period.

The total asset amount displayed in the account represents the default currency amount as of the end date of the set period. For instance, the total asset amount (3) in the left image corresponds to the asset amount as of 2023-7-13.

Clicking on (2) allows you to set the period for evaluating asset value on this screen.

Clicking on (4) allows you to sort the order of the displayed accounts. Once the sorting is done, please uncheck the box.

Clicking on the account name (6) allows you to edit the details of that account. Long-pressing the account name enables you to delete that account.

If there are any historical transactions or holding securities associated with the account, a deletion failure message will be displayed. Please delete the relevant historical transactions and holdings before attempting to delete the account.

Clicking on (5) allows you to add an account。

Clicking on (7) allows you to directly adjust the balance.

Sort accounts and display number explanation

After clicking on “Sort Accounts,” you will see up and down buttons that allow you to adjust the display order of accounts by clicking on them.

Clicking the up and down arrows allows you to move the account’s position. Once the sorting is complete, please uncheck the “Sort Accounts” option.

The value of the account (1) is the total worth of all assets or liabilities within the account, converted to the total value in the default currency.

Holding Value (2) represents the converted value of stocks, funds, ETFs, and other automatically updated price targets within the account, expressed in the default currency.

Adjust account balance directly within the account feature

Balance date (1), fixed as today.

Account balance (2), the current balance in Vision Money for this account.

Actual account amount (3), the actual balance of the account on the balance date. The account currency balance will be adjusted to match the actual account amount.

Difference (4), equal to the actual account currency minus the account balance.

Category (5), the category item for tracking the difference. The default category is Net Income.