Edit Account

Edit account basic information, starting inventory date, quantity, amount, and total cost.

Account Basic Information

Choose account type (1), such as assets like deposits, cash, properties, and vehicles. Liabilities include items like mortgages and credit loans. For insurance policies, enter details like effective date and coverage amount. Selecting “Policy” to input life insurance coverage amount.

Initial holding date (2), when editing an account, you can input the holdings. The Initial holding date refers to the quantity and cost basis date of the holdings.

This is mainly to avoid the time-consuming process of entering all historical transaction data when adding a new account. Therefore, you can choose a date as the starting date for the account and directly input the currency, quantity of investment objects, and total cost.

Add currency deposit/liability (3). Clicking this button will add an account with the currency amount at the initial position date.

When entering the cost of securities in VM, always input the cost in the price currency.

Add holding securities (4). Clicking this button will add an account with the quantity of the subject and the total cost calculated in the price currency on the initial holding date.

Click on the title of the security (5) to edit the quantity and total cost. Long press to delete the security.

Input Life Policy Coverage Amount

Click on the expiration date of coverage (1). Choose the expiration date of coverage for this insurance policy. If it is a whole life insurance, you can input the latest possible termination date of the policyholder’s life.

Enter the basic coverage amount (2). Input the coverage amount for this policy.

The entered basic coverage amount serves as the existing coverage amount in the “My Goals”.

Add/Edit Currency Deposit/Liability

Select currency(1)。

Enter the amount (2), if it is a liability, please input a negative value. For insurance policies, enter the cash value of the policy.

Add/Edit Holdings

Input shares(2)

Input total cost(3),When entering the total cost, the currency will be automatically displayed based on the price currency of the security. When inputting the total cost, please use the price currency of the security, including the cost, handling fees, and transaction taxes incurred during the buying. If it is a staggered purchase, please manually sum up the amounts of each purchase before entering.

Click (4) to display the calculator.