Selection of Category

Select the category for income, the category for expenses, or the account for transfers.

Income and Expense Category

Click on Add Category (1) to add income and expense categories. Refer to the instructions for adding category.

Click on Favorites (2), and the recently selected categories will appear here. The quantity of frequently used items can be configured in Settings -> Number of Favorites.

Click on Category (3). If the transaction is an expense, only expense categories will appear here. If the transaction is an income, only income categories will appear. If the transaction involves multiple entries, both expense and income categories, as well as transfer accounts, will be available for selection here.

Add Category

Income and spending categories are divided into two levels: main categories and subcategories.

Enter category name (1).

Select the main category for adding a new category (2).

Choose the subcategory for adding a new category (3). Category can belong to a specific main category without necessarily specifying a subcategory.