Getting Started: Settings, Delete, and Transactions

Video Outline

Delete, Language, Currency Settings

Delete samples

  • Long press to delete: Press and hold to delete all items, including accounts
  • Transaction Details:Spending、Income、Transfer、Trade、Adjust、Split

Language, Currency Settings

  • Language: Main Menu->Settings and Version Expiry->User Interface Language
  • Currency: Main Menu->Settings and Version Expiry->Currency for Transactions

Account Setup

Saving Account

  • lInitial Position Date:2023-11-10,Avoid entering extensive historical data by setting a specific date as the starting position, and input transactions from that date onward
  • lEUR$1,500
  • lUSD$3,200

Add Asset Account:Tax Withhold

Add Mortgage:USD$375,000

Add Property:House USD$500,000

Credit Card

  • 2023-11-10
  • USD$-384

Input Transactions

Spending: Dining, Transportation….

  • Saving Account - USD$100、Category:Restaurant

Income:Salary, Sales….Spending

  • Saving Account - USD$98、Category:Other Income

Transfer:Cash Transfer Between Accounts

  • Saving Account - USD$100、Cash

Adjust:Balance Adjust

  • Saving Account 、Balance on recordsUSD$3,098、Actual balanceUSD$3,000、Category:Net Income

Split: Split Transaction: Incomes, Spending and Transfer

  • lSaving Account  USD  Salary:+USD$1,600、Health Insurance:-USD$65、Tax Withhold:-USD156、Left-over amount:1,379

Stats & Charts

Statistics and Charts Type

  • Income & Spending: Income, Spending and Net Income
  • Asset & Liability: Asset, Liability and Net Income
  • Others: Transfer and Dividend

Items of Transaction for Filtering

  • Period
  • Accounts
  • Categories
  • Tags


  • Monthly Amount Bar Charts
  • Pie Charts: Accounts, Categories, Tags

Report and Chart Examples

Monthly spending over the last three months and breakdown?

  • Spending、 Last three months、Monthly spending; Classified by Categories

Monthly income over the last three months and categories?

  • Income、 Last three months、Monthly income; Classified by categories

Asset growth in the past year?

  • Net Asset、All accounts、Monthly Ending Asset Balance