Budget Control: Budget Setup, Execution and Overbudget Notification

Video Outline

Manual Budget Setup

Activate Budget Management

Budget Start Month:2023/10

Monthly Budget Starting Balance

  • Reset Every Month
  • Prev. Month Left Over

Salary: 5,000/Month

Food: 1,500/Month

Long-press Budget Item

  • Delete budget item
  • Delete all budget items

Budget Control

Income/Spending Input

  • Salary:5,300(2023/10/5),4,800(2023/11/1)
  • Food:1,000(2023/10/15),1,700(2023/11/1)

Chart of Overbudget Notice

  • Monthly Budget: Reset Every Month: Food 1,500 Prev. Month Left Over: Food 2,000
  • Current Budget Progress
  • Current Budget Ratio

Overbudget Notification

  • Notification on Dashboard
  • Notification Setup: Main Menu->Settings and Version->Budget Threshold Setup

Auto Budget Setup

Budget Generated from Transactions

  • Period: Last Month
  • Minimal Budget Amount: 100

Budget Generation

  • Overwrite Current Budget